I am a conceptual artist focused on research-based sculptures, archives, and installations. My interests lie in how humans perceive science, the natural world, and the cosmos. The art forms that manifest from these interests vary greatly depending on the project—past works have included commercial vinyl banners of NASA image archives; molded chemical reactions of salt, sugar, and starch arranged in geologic patterns and subject to entropy; projections on interiors recreating pop-cultural narratives; architectural models freezing ephemeral moments of sky-light; a photographic archive of artificial nighttime in cinema; etc. All of these artworks seek to pose questions about human agency during the Anthropocene—why do we have a romantic desire to control our natural environments? Why have we removed ourselves so dramatically from nature, embarking instead on projects of human-made physical and virtual worlds? My work presents human perceptions (truthful or not) about our control over the cosmos. How do we assert humanity onto the non-human? How do we dominate even the moon and the stars?



Holly Veselka (b. 1981, Houston, TX) is a multidisciplinary artist who makes sculptures, installations, and archives about perception and the natural world. Holly has exhibited her work internationally and has received recognitions including Creative Capital’s 2016 On Our Radar and a 2015 Puffin Foundation Artist Grant. She has participated in residencies at the Lower East Side Studio Program, New York, NY; PICTURE BERLIN, Berlin, Germany, and ACRE, Steuben, WI. Holly is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University in the School of Art and Design.





MFA, Boston University, Boston, MA 

BFA, The University of Texas, Austin, TX


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Ancient Sunlight, Hello Studio, San Antonio, TX

2015 The Inanimate Vastness of Sidereal Space, Wave Hill, The Bronx, NY

2014 Rogue Planets, Mars Recruitment Center, Heliopolis, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Contemplation Center, site-specific project for DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 ACRE, Chicago, IL (four person) (opening in May)

2018 Nighttime for Strangers, NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY (three person))

2017 Get Well Soon, The Southern, Charleston, SC

2017 Non Atomic, 215 Orleans Project Space, Beaumont, TX

2017 Lift: An Exhibition of Kites, Artpace, San Antonio, TX

2017 Call and Response, Wave Hill, the Bronx, NY

2017 Gross Frictions, Lage Egal, Berlin, Germany

2017 Dêrive, Tête, Berlin, Germany

2017 Art City Fair, Hello Studios, Austin, TX 

2016 And Introducing…, The University Galleries, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

2015 To: Pluto, SedimentARTS, Richmond, VA

2015 How the sphere, having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds, Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, New York, NY

2015 Closed Circuit, Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York, NY

2014 The Last Brucennial, Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York, NY

2014 Sequence and Seriality, Calico, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Comet Contemplation Center, DUMBO Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Great Expectations, Pop-Up Project, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Getting Closer, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Assistance League of Houston Celebrate Texas Art, Williams Tower, Houston, TX


Selected Awards and Residencies

2018 ACRE Artist Residency

2017 Picture Berlin Summer Residency

2017 Otis College of Art and Design Summer Residency

2016 Creative Capital On Our Radar

2015 LES Studio Program, a program of Artists Alliance Inc. 

2015 Puffin Foundation Artist Grant



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